Unleash your Creativity. Don’t Worry About Configuration.

Design a New Experience. Position Detection, High Flexibility and LIN Interface.

The device E521.31 is a LIN controller providing a 16bit microcontroller with two independent Flash memory blocks, a 5V voltage regulator with up to 100mA and a LIN transceiver with integrated auto addressing circuit. The integrated high side driver controlled by a 16bit PWM can be used to drive external loads with current up to 50mA per channel each. For temperature compensation the device provides an integrated temperature sensor.

Easy Controlled LIN-Interface

The software of the LIN stack is supported by the implemented hardware. This is done to simplify the programming of the LIN stack (Interfaces: LIN 1.x, 2.x, J2602) and save µC resources at the same time. For the software development we support the IAR tool chain. Elmos supplies the demo software code, in addition our partner IHR (www.IHR.de) provides the LIN stack and application support.

The configuration tool simply needs basic information such as:

  • The Elmos derivate

  • The LIN Description File (LDF)

  • The node to be implemented (as per LDF)

  • The controller speed

Easy Position Detection (BSM)

The BSM technique is a robust method for addressing members of a LIN bus system automatically and has proven itself in practice >100 million times. The method can be used in “mixed” installations with standard LIN bus devices. Every bus device can be reached via the protocol at any time, even during addressing of the bus members. Broadcasts can be sent to all members at any time. Thanks to a simple software solution implemented in the slave, the master can perform an addressing plausibility check at any time.

Fantastic Design with One IC.


  • Very cost effective, high flexible solution 

  • One for all (small LIN Nodes)

  • With position detection (BSM)

  • Forward voltage measurement allows best in class temperature compensation


Key Features

  • LIN transceiver compliant with LIN 2.1, LIN 2.2 and SAE-J2602

  • Linear voltage regulator with 5V, 100mA

  • State of the art 16bit µC

  • Integrated 32 up to 54K FLASH (Flexible EEPROM emulation by SW)

  • 4x PWM driven High Side drivers with 5V and up to 50mA each

  • µC window watchdog

  • ADC 12bit accuracy


Product Flyer

Unleash your Creativity. Don’t Worry About Configuration.
Download (PDF | 1.7 MB)

Data Sheets

E521.31 (PDF | 1.7MB)

Application Notes

E521.31 | Evaluation Board | PDF 1.0MB

E521.31 | Mux Demonstration Board  (PDF 2.5MB

E521.31 | Flashing by LIN | PDF 0.6MB


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