Shine Bright at any Topology.

One IC, performing brilliant in various applications.

Many applications, always fantastic performance

With the E522.3x chips, Elmos introduces an automotive LED controller family. The DC/DC ICs are designed for input voltages between 5V and 55V and output voltages of up to 80V in boost mode. They can be operated – depending on the type – in single or dual LED chain mode. 

High Robustness.

With an ambient temperature range of –40°C to +150°C, the Elmos DC/DC ICs are made especially for use in harsh environments such as automotive conditions.

Great Variety.

In addition to high robustness, the components offer a great variety in the selection of circuit topologies, such as boost, SEPIC, Buck-Boost and Buck. The switching frequency can be adjusted from 250KHz up to 600KHz by means of an  external resistor or synchronized with other components in master-slave configuration. Power consumption in sleep mode is only 8µA.

Complete Monitoring.

The versatility of the E522.3x controller family is completed by various control and monitoring functions, e.g. protection against short-circuit, overtemperature, overvoltage, undervoltage and load break.

Full Control.

The LED controllers support PWM and analog dimming for the LED brightness control, both are working in parallel. The PWM of E522.3x allows a wide dimming ratio of >1000:1 at PWM frequencies of up to 400Hz.

Your Frontlight All-Rounder


  • Analog and digital dimming

  • Current defined by external transistor

  • Two channel version with 180° phase shift

  • Overvoltage protection of LED chain

  • EMC optimized

  • E522.31 - 1-channel, ± 40kHz spread spectrum

  • E522.33 - 1-channel

  • E522.32 - 2-channel, ± 40kHz spread spectrum

  • E522.34 - 2-channel

Key Features

  • VIN : 5V to 55V

  • VOUT : up to 80V

  • Switch-mode, single or dual LED controller

  • Boost-, SEPIC, Buck-Boost- or Buck topology supported

  • Constant current regulation

  • High-precision differential high-side sense up to 60V

Application Diagrams

E522.31 | 1-channel, ± 40kHz spread spectrum

E522.32 | 2-channel, ± 40kHz spread spectrum


Part No.DescriptionBoard typeOrder No.
E522.31Boost to Battery Converter (650mA)DemoboardK52231-0002
E522.31Boost to GND Converter (500mA)DemoboardK52231-0003
E522.31Sepic Converter (750mA)DemoboardK52231-0004
E522.31Buck to Battery Converter (3A)DemoboardK52231-0005
E522.32Headlight LED Demo (2x Boost to Battery Topology) for High Beam, Low Beam (1A)
and Daytime Running Light (750mA)
E522.34Buck to Battery dual phase Converter (6A)DemoboardK52232-0004


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