Always keep cool at 450mA. Unique Thermal Management.

Simplify your System: One IC, manifold applications, always fantastic performance

Elmos presents a powerful product family for LED applications. The LED controller family is available with 450mA or 3 times 150mA per channel (E522.80/81/82/83) and 180mA or 3 times 60mA per channel (E522.84/85/86/87) output current.

Keep your Light cool!

You gain an excellent thermal load balancing between internal and external power dissipation by using external ballast resistors in combination with two in parallel operating linear current sources.

Power your Light up!

You can use the 3 channels in parallel operation providing up to 180mA continuously with the low current and up to 450mA continuously with the high current version.

Control your Light!

The outstanding features are extensive diagnostic that ensure a reliable operation of the power stage with open/short detection, monitoring the junction temperature, voltage control and internal or optional external temperature compensation. 

Design your Light!

Shared and specific PWM dimming is possible to build up powerful LED applications with a dimming frequency up to 1.000Hz.

Keep your Lighting Application Simple!

Another unique feature is the “Run” pin, with this “Run” pin you can generate a “single lamp mode”, independent how many LEDs you have to drive.

Unique Features for more Power


  • Unique power distribution approach for an excellent thermal load

  • High EMC immunity

  • Minimum of external components required

  • LED output current: up to 450mA continuously

  • High resolution PWM dimming

  • Internal / external temperature reference

Key Features

  • Operating input voltage range 5V to 25V, max. 40V

  • Diagnoses per channel:

    - Open / short detection

    - Diagnostic “RUN” bus to link multiple ICs

  • Different start-up voltages for open diagnostics can be chosen: VS=7.5V, 9V, 10V and 15V

  • “Single Lamp” mode (SLM) option disables all LEDs in case of a failure

Additional Features

High Current Version

  • Output current 3x 150mA

  • Thermal Management -> In-system power dissipation up to approx. 5W allows full-current operation within operating voltage range

  • Two parallel operating linear regulators are used.

    One driving the load directly, the other one via a thermal shunt

  • Very low regulator drop (typ.) 250mV @ 120mA

  • Separate, string-related failure detection and indication in FFB mode FFB “Failure Feedback Mode” indicates faulty LED string with by PWM output


Product Flyer

Always keep cool at 450mA. Unique Thermal Management.
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Product Presentation

E522.8x | Presentation | PDF 1.0MB

Info Sheet

E522.80-83 | PDF 0.2MB

Data Sheets

e522.80-83 | PDF 1.7MB
e522.84-87 | PDF 1.1MB

Application Notes

E522.8x | Demoboard | PDF 1.3MB
E522.8x | EMC Demoboard | PDF 0.6MB


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